Tuesday, October 22, 2013

first day of school pics

yes, i never post any more.  but, that doesn't mean that I don't want to!  who has the time?  2 girls in school (thankfully the same one now), dance classes, soccer, golf lessons.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

spring break in cabo!

this year we were lucky to jet off to cabo san lucas, mexico for spring break.  we met up with our favorite travel buddies the mcmullens, and their (our new) friends the cionis and renzis.  4 families, 8 kids and a teenage babysitter for the occasional parent's night out.  at times, 17 people traveling in a very cool 13-passenger van.  at times it was chaotic, but overall the kids got along, there was minimal fighting and the adults were all great.  margaritas and tequila can get you through anything!

we're in cabo and the kids are inside watching a movie??!?!?  (or maybe playing a game...)

 nothing better than a drink in a pineapple! 

 makena buried in the sand by christian and sophie

this girl would not leave the pool (no sand for her!) 

gorgeous view of the pool and one of the restaurants at esperanza resort (from another restaurant) 

i am OBSESSED with all of the metal lanterns in mexico.  i will own these for my patio one day. 

goosie and hannah.  the best babysitter! 

couple time at edith's 

and the girls at edith's 

ahhhhh...ice cream break by the pool.  it doesn't get better than that!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

learning outside of school

one of nanea's homework assignments this week.  have someone take a picture of you learning outside of school, and write about the picture.

(1) this is an example of... 
(2) i want you to notice that...

she wanted to take a picture in her gymnastics clothes, but since dance class was today, it had to suffice.  i have to say, taking pics was the most fun part of the assignment, for both of us.  trying to decide what she wanted to write, not as fun.

Friday, August 24, 2012

first grade!

today was nanea's first day of first grade!  she so nicely obliged me by posing with my sign this morning and even took a closeup of her missing two front teeth, one of which she lost yesterday.  this year her class name is the "dazzlers."  her teachers had all the kid's names written on the windows of the classroom to welcome them.  it's so great because her class moved as a whole from kindergarten (they were the explorers last year) next door to first grade, so although they have new teachers, they have all they have all the same classmates.  i think this will make for an interesting move next year when they are all split up for second grade, but i know they will have a great year.